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I hope you rest a lot

Jeffrey Rousseau


I need people from marginalized communities to remember to please rest.

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

Have you been sleeping well, and has your sleep been steady?

Personal problems notwithstanding, are you able to rest well? Can you put your phone on do not disturb and end your day?

If you can’t, I sincerely hope you can rest above all else in 2023. I wish that for you.

Society tries to program us that we need to be on the move and work until we’re in the grave.

But we need to reject for our health and well-being. So, yes, I acknowledge that it’s easy for me to say that. I have privileges, working 1 job that allows me to afford my cost of living. I’m not a parent or guardian yet, and I have time to myself.

Still, regardless of our situation, if rest is available, I implore you to take it. “It can wait until tomorrow” are words to live by. Truthfully, what good are you to yourself if you’re a husk of constant exhaustion?

There’s so much going on with life and trying to live it; we’re all probably due for months of staying in bed. Unfortunately, life isn’t that fair.

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However, given all the pressure we are facing, especially the most marginalized among us? Call it a night and start/do it again tomorrow.

Our LGBTQIA friends, family, and fellow residents are constantly the subject of legislative attacks. Who else is deserving of a timeout? When the powerful treat your life as a pawn for false equivalencies and bullet points?

People also need time to rest and heal, especially following a tragedy, like Asian communities and the hurt they’ve experienced, which is all too familiar in this country.

Black lives are still cut violently short by the police. So, for a few hours, not thinking about it is probably the sweetest reprieve you can give yourself.

We gotta fight the good fight, but you deserve to rest and recharge. We can only give so much when running on empty.

A good night’s rest is good for the health and spirit and, for Black folks, considered an act of resistance.

Be kind to yourself, turn off the alarm, put in PTO, call out from work, and put your phone on do not disturb.

Just sleep.

If you can’t slumber peacefully, I hope you can identify the cause soon.

You’ll thank yourself for it in time…eventually.



Jeffrey Rousseau

I bat for PoCs, marginalized, equality, inclusion & geekdom. I'm warming the bench until coach subs me in.