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If people wanna express they aren’t okay? That’s fine, that’s being human

Jeffrey Rousseau
4 min readApr 6, 2022

The older I get and the more experiences I have, I understand again and again, people are going to feel the feelings they want. Whether you or I like it doesn’t mean a god damn thing.

Life remains consistently difficult and highly complicated for every one of us. So folks “should” project they’re sunshine and rainbows for most to feel better is quite the fallacy. Society largely makes us believe that there’s something wrong with people if they — rightfully — express sadness or anger.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, perhaps you don’t know there’s a lot of things going on.

Rent/housing/cost of living is going up, changing COVID protocols, legislative attacks on LGBTQIA+ folks, returning to work, and etc. These are just some matters that could possibly affect people on a personal and intimate level. Even if we were to remove these things? Life still throwing haymakers.

Artist Richard Daniel’s 2019 album The Lemon Tree Project, lowkey a good ass hip-hop album, track no 2 is titled Survival of The Fittest. Daniel is joined by artists Mel. Crozby and ChriStyle where they in part, lyrically speak on how life just keeps moving in very cutthroat fashion. Hence the title of the song promoting that tired and true function of society.

A verse in the song:

What am I doing running through this life,
feel like I’m getting chased.
Fam and friends is on the back burner,
and them I can’t replace.
Fragment my relationships, I just make the best of it.
Spirit going down the drain,
and I just watch the faucet drip.

The last line of that verse is real and relevant. Sometimes people just need observe and let things be with their feelings. Why? Because it’s also a natural part of being human.

Are you familiar with the Black proverb of “it be like that though?”. And yet we make folks feel bad. Because they express that their spirit had to move proverbial mountains before clocking in?

Jeffrey Rousseau

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