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So about all these job cuts across media

Jeffrey Rousseau


I want to discuss these layoffs in journalism/media.

However, I wanted to present how I perceive the state of media, its present and future, as I think of four people.


There’s a writer whose career is one of the reasons why I wanted to do journalism. Their career spanned years. I’ve seen them create work very few people can touch on a cultural level. Yet, they have the kind of writing that can make sense of subcultures and offer a lens of an intersectional perspective many (many x ∞) websites wish they had.

However, I saw this person, like so many others, was laid off from a major website. Again, an executive “had to” make cuts for finances. So I saw this individual, someone so very talented, be considered disposable.

They continue to write and do fantastic work as a freelancer. But, if a writer of marginalized identities with a wealth of experience isn’t “worth it,” are any of us? Unfortunately, that’s been answered repeatedly across many websites. They should be leading a website.

There’s someone else I think about during this state of media and journalism. A major website hasn’t hired them. Despite the fact they have a portfolio and experience that overly qualifies them.

Interviews, features, podcasting, and hell, even reports about how journalism is ripe with racial disparities for its talent. All of it reads like the kind of work you’d think would be worthy of hire. However, the people who make those choices stick to the “same people” (take a guess what that means).

As more people are looking for work in the field following these layoffs, I’ve observed the same thing.

If and or when major websites hire people, will they be looking for “newer” talent? No. They’ll ignore people of the global majority, those who are LGBTQ+, have different economic backgrounds, and folks who don’t have the same networks or generational wealth. Diversity, equity, and inclusion be damned, I guess. This writer should be employed.

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