The Issues Surrounding Devil May Cry V, Explained

Jeffrey Rousseau
8 min readMar 19, 2019


Capcom’s latest release of Devil May Cry V (DMCV), the sixth (yes sixth), in the series, has been enjoying a lot of buzz from the press and players alike. Mostly, the sentiment is that it’s a great return to form and continues to optimize the stylish action genre.

Now, there’s a few issues associated with DMCV, some with the game, and people associated with the game that have come to light. Early on Monday morning, a thread on ResetEra created by member Skittles was…concerning as it became a hotbed of the its issues.

The Problem With J.D Morrison’s Portrayal

The thread began as Skittles lamented the fact that the voice behind Devil May Cry V’s only Black character, J.D Morrison, is by white actor, Joey Camen.

The issue isn’t so much that a person of color is being voice by someone white. Although, marginalized characters being played by actors whom don’t identify with them is a separate issue altogether and one I’ll probably address another time.

Joey Camen, a long-time actor, as per a few deleted YouTube videos has (rather had) no issues making offensive videos. In one of the deleted videos he was seen in blackface discussing Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo, using AAVE (African American Vernacular English), and using the n word — without any issues.

If that wasn’t troubling enough Camen, also had (these were later removed) videos in which he took part in humor (as he called it) involving transphobia and antisemitism (he himself is Jewish).

This person was hired to voice a Black man. Was he chosen because of his talent? Or was he chosen for his history of work? Whatever the logic maybe, the facts remain unchanged.

Keep in mind that his history includes working with Richard Pryor, as “the white man that…



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