We Have A Responsibility About What We Share On Social Media

Jeffrey Rousseau
3 min readOct 1, 2018

After last week’s testimony Brett Kavanaugh, I’m reminded of something fundamental — We have a responsibility to each other as to what we share on social media. Perhaps a better way to frame this - would should be more mindful of how and what we share on social media.

Trigger warning — brief mentions of sexual assault.

Every media outlet focused on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s account of her sexual assault by Kavanugh around the clock. Naturally, news operates to report events without stopping. So to say this very critical issue may have been media overload is putting it mildly.

The very topic of sexual assault and facing your assaulter is serious by mention alone. Imagine what it must’ve been like to be bombarded by images, video, audio, and more of what has been experienced by millions of women/femmes?

There’s no manner of words I can use to describe that. I can only imagine that the experience was profusely unpleasant, infuriating, and whatever else would comes to mind. Again, everything related to this hearing has been shared all across social media.

As a staunch believer of staying informed, sharing information, and addressing society’s shortcomings I took pause. I limited sharing anything relating to that major story. Instead, I choose to speak briefly as to why I would not.

The reason being is that I remembered what would happen if I did. I personally don’t know how many of my mutuals, friends, small audience have experienced assault. This question in itself doesn’t matter. In this age of the MeToo Movement, we just have to be aware of the obvious.

Now back to my initial point, we have a responsibility when you think about it. I have a responsibility to not be detrimental to the daily mental health of those whom I can reach. This means taking inventory of what I write, share, or even like on social media. All of this is visible to others and that’s something we need to keep in mind.



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